WMD/SSF - Scale‐Polarize‐Offset


The Scale-Polarize-Offset module, or abbreviated S.P.O is used to process audio signals and control voltages by bi-polar attenaution and by adding an offset voltage. The S.P.O. has two identical sections, each having two signal inputs which are summed before being processed.



Both sections of the S.P.O are same regarding signal flow and functions:
First of all two signal inputs are summed which corrsponds to a two-channel mixer without level controls.
In the next stage the mix passes a polarizer, allowing you to scale/attenuate the signal from maximal level to zero, both positive and inverted: in center position the signal is muted, left of center the potentiometer acts as an attenuator and left of center position as an inverting attenauator.
Last stage of one channel is a bi-polar offset control, allowing for adding a fixed voltage from -5V over 0V to +5V to the scaled signal.

A two-tone LED gives information abut polarity of the signal and/or the offset voltage: blue = positive, red = negative.


Each of the two sections offers: input A, input B, output


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 25mm deep
power consumption: 20mA @ +12V and 20mA @ -12V

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