WMD/SSF - ToolBox


Indeed theTool-Box module is a bag of tricks using only few space, as it unites six different synrthesizer functions you can use here and there, both tools required for spicing up your patches as well as some of the typically overlooked utilities missing from most modular systems: Two-channel mixer, rectifier, comparator, analog OR, signal inverter and a voltage controlled switch.
One function per horizontal pitch, it's tough to beat that!



SUM: Adds both input signals A and B. Like of a two-channel mixer without level controls.
RECTIFY: A rectifier which "flips" the negative portion of a signal into the positive range.
COMPARE: A comparator which creates positive gate signals as soon as one of the two inputs reaches the threshold of 0V. Alternatively you can apply a fixed voltage (offset) to one of the inputs to use it as threshold. Or use two dynamic signals which produce a gate when their voltages match in value.
ANALOG OR: This section outputs a voltage maximum. It analyzes the two input voltages andwill send only the higher of both to the output.
INVERTER: It changes the polarity of the input signal: +2.5V becomes -2.5V and so on.
SWITCH: When depressing the A/B SEL button this section will switch between inputs A and B. Alternatively you can use a control voltage instead of the voltage to give the command to switch.


SUM: inputs A and B, sum output
RECTIFY: signal in, rectified out
COMPARE: inputs + and - , comparator out
ANALOG OR: inputs A and B, OR output
INVERT: input, inverted output
SWITCH: inputs A and B, switch CV input, A/B output


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 25mm deep
power consumption: 20mA @ +12V and 20mA @ -12V

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