WMD/SSF - Ultrafold


"Voltage controlled audible origami", so do the manufacturers describe the Ultrafold in good fun yet accurately. What origami does to paper is what this module can do to audio: serious folding. And the Ultrafold sounds really excellent.
It is a voltage controlled wavefolder a.k.a wave multipiler which adds harmonics to signals by clipping, (a)symmetric folding and feedback, from decent over warm to screming and cutting cold ones. Inject an auxiliary audio signal and gloat over the harsh FM-like sounds.



The sound of the Ultrafold, just like any wave multiplier's, is very much depending on the interaction between the single parameters. The input volume, which can be adjusted with "Input Drive", is important for the amount of folding and it adds a warm distortion.
The voltage parameter "Wave Fold" is responsible for the number of folds. The more folds the richer the signal gets, as if new frequencies would be added.
"Wave Shift" alters the signal's symmetry and determines whether the positive half cycle is processed same like the negative one or in an asymmetrical manner. This can be voltage controlled as well.

Ultrafold's unique feature is the voltage controlled "Feedback" parameter, inserting the folded signal back into the input, producing hard edges in the waveform and thus dramatically affecting the high frequencies. The control is bi-polar i.e. it is possible to apply positive or negative feedbacks together with their distinctive sounds.
Injecting an external audio signal into the auxiliary socket "Feedback Input" will superimpose onto the processed main input signal. It can be attenuated with the positive half of the feedback potentiometer, while the negative part still controls negative feedback amount. The acoustic result varies from subtle to extreme and FM-ish, depending on the use CVs, slow or fast audio.

Customer's opinion:
"The Ultrafold matches the Mutable Braids tighter than a duck's arse just perfectly." (a satisfied customer)


signal input, signal output
CV inputs for Feedback, Wave Shift and Fold
auxiliary feedback input


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 25mm deep
power consumption: 30mA @ +12V and 30mA @ -12V

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