WMD/SSF - Mini Slew


The Mini Slew's distinguished feature is the Time Compensation function: when altering the curve shape the frequency remains relatively unchanged! This makes the module stand out from all other comparable function generators and makes this type of module even more flexible, be it when used as LFO or as a VCO with voltage controlled wave shaping. A propos voltage control: curve form and output level can be modulated and the cycle function turned on and off by using gates. Kudos to WMD and SSF for the good work!



The Mini Slew is capable of all that what is to be expected from a feature-ladden function generator: in combination with the signal input it is a voltage controlled slew limiter and waveshaper or an Attack-Sustain-Release envelope generator. Used with the Trigger input it turns into an attack-decay envelope.
The parameters Rise and Fall can be voltage controlled independently, or together when the CV SUM button is activated: either a single CV is sent to both time parameters simultaneously or two CVs are summed and sent to both parameters at the same time.
The "EOR" and "EOC" outputs emit pulse signals when the Rise phase respectively the entire Rise/-Fall-cycle have finished. They can be used for gate delay applications or as pulse wave outputs when cycling (see below).

Using the Cycle function which is also gate-activated you can make the module loop. Which means you create a LFO or VCO at a push of a button.
CV-SUM function allows you for tracking the oscillator over 2-3 octaves.
The wave (sawtooth over triangle to ramp) and the frequency is determined by the Rise and Fall parameters and the curve shape by the Shape parameter (from logarithmic over linear to exponential). Shape is voltage controlled, too. For sure that's nice for VCO waveshaping.

All function generators show the same behaviour: changing the curve shape resuts in a severe change in frequency which is awful beacuse you have to re-tune the function generator. Well, not all! The VC Mini Slew has an optional Time-Compensation feature keeping the frequency relavively constant. Press the T-Comp button for a second to activate this function.

The "+OUT" emits only unipolar, positive voltages with maximum amplitude, while the signal's polarity and amplitude at the "Vari-Out" can be set with a pot and a CV and is displayed with the LED bar.

The Mini Slew saves button states for Cycle, T-Comp and CV-Sum, as long they haven't been changed in the last 60 seconds before powering down. Which means there is no default state.


signal input, variable signal output, positive signal output
CYCLE gate input, TRIGGER trigger/gate input
CV inputs: FM, Shape, Rise, Fall, Vari polarity/amplitude
pulse outputs; end-of-cycle, end-of-rise


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 25mm deep
power consumption: 70mA @ +12V and 50mA @ -12V

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