WMD Sequential Switch Matrix


Analog routing matrix with memory and open architecture: four inputs can be routed to four outputs with buttons, these settings can be saved in a number of banks. The memory can be recalled by CV and sequentially.
Possible applications are creation of routing presets, feedback loops, chopping sequences, 4Bit wavetable synthesis and much more beyond routing and unity mixing.



Inputs accept signals with +/-10V; LEDs indicate positive and negative signals. Outputs work also with +/-10V signals and sum the chosen input signals. Step/Reset react at a gate level of 0.8V
A signal at the comparator input will be compared with each output - if the output is higher than the value at the comparator input then the according comparator output will be high (+10V gate)
Switching can happen with frequencies up to 26kHz which means you can generate audio signals.
Output DAC 1:2 is a digital/analog converter output generated from the status of the first two columns. It is a weighted Digital to Analog conversion. 1-1 is the most significant bit, carrying a weight of 2.5 volts. 2-1 is exactly half that weight (1.25V). 4-2 is the least significant bit (0.020V). The two columns provide an 8 bit voltage output that is always present.

Operation is handled with the buttons that have tow modes. Functions with black text are chosen by pressing, those with red text by pressing and holding. Available are memory functions, selecting routings, matrices and banks, CV functions, random functions, clear, step/reset etc.


The optionally available Sequential Switch Matrix EXPANDER adds manual and voltage controlled trigger lenght, more retrigger functions, two more DAC outputs and inversion of functions.


Signal inputs 1-4, signal outputs 1-4
comparator input, comparator outputs for channels 1-4
inputs for CV, Reset and Step/Gate


3U Eurorack module, 16HP wide, 25mm deep
Current draw: 80mA @ +12V and 32mA @ -12V

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