WMD - Arpitecht Triad


Triad adds a chord generator to WMD’s composition tool Arpitecht. Operating the unit is a breeze: Just select a chord and an inversion via the module’s potentiometer and switch, the Arpitecht will determine the pitch. Results can be tapped off three note CV outputs, which work with 1 V per octave. Besides the control elements, there are CV inputs for selecting a chord and an inversion. Therefore, creating variations can be done easily. An output called "new" emits a signal every time the chord changes.



A ribbon cable is used to connect the Triad with an Arpitecht. It is not possible to use the expander without its big brother.


Three note outputs (1 V per octave), new trigger output
CV inputs for triad and inversion parameters
A connector for the ribbon cable used to connect Triad and Arpitecht can be found on the back of the module.


3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases

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