WMD - Triple Bipolar VCA


The Triple Bipolar VCA can be used as an input expander module for the Phase Displacement Oscillator but as well as a independent module. It gives you three bi-polar VCAs that invert the input signal at negative voltages what is good for deeper modulations than with a normal VCA. A bipolar VCA is the same as a voltage controlled polarizer.



When used as an expander for the PDO the moduleoffers you three VCAs that are normalized to the phase modulation inputs øCV2, øCV3 und øCV4 of the PDO. The CV inputs accept negative voltages as well and have bipolar attenuators (polarizers).

Each VCA can attenuate, invert or VC polarize the modulation signal. The signal inputs are available:

  • normal input +IN that is internally connected to an output of the PDO (PDO1 into VCA1, PDO2 into VCA2 etc.)
  • The input -IN carries, without external signal patched, the inverted copy of the In+ signal due to a normalization. If an external signal is patched to this socket the input won´t invert anymore but turns the correspondent channel from a bipolar VCA into a crossfader for blending between the two inputs.

The Bias control of each VCA manually sets the gain. In biploar mode the middle position cuts the signal, in crossfader mode you get a 50/50 mix of both input signals.


Per VCA: signal input +IN, signal input -IN, CV input, signal output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, approx. 25mm deep
Current draw: 80mA @ +12V and 75mA @ -12V

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