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Bytom is a triple mixer for gate and trigger signals, a so-called OR-combiner. It consists of three independent sections, each of which can process up to four signals. Switches make coupling the sections possible for mixing up to twelve signals.



A gate combiner makes it possible to mix several gate and trigger signals according to the logic function OR. The Bytom module can also mix control voltages, but only positive ones.

Per section there are four inputs on the outer ring, and a central output. Switches can normalize section A as well as section C to section B. This way you can mix up to twelve signals. The final mix of all sections is present at the section B´s output, the sub-mixes of sections A and C are available additionally at the individual outputs.

LEDs show activity for each output.


XAOC name their products after cities of the former Eastern Bloc. Bytom is a city in polish Upper Siliesia, in the heart of the industrial region.


Four inputs and one output per section


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 29mm deep
Current draw 10mA

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