XAOC Devices - Moskwa


Circular eight-step analog sequencer module for CV and gate signals with interesting features like variable gate length, variable sequence length, three playback modes and a header for an expansion module. With he internal clock generator you can use the Moskwa as a self-contained sequencer.



Moskwa features maximum eight steps with unipolar or bipolar voltage at the output. Each step has a button for setting a gate.
Three play modes can be chosen from manually and with a voltage: standard forwads, pendulum and random. There are gate inputs for resetting the sequence and for pausing the sequencer.
The module has an integrated clock generator, synchronisation to an external clock possible of course.


With the expansion module Ostankino you can couple two Moskwa sequencers and add more functions.


Sequencer outputs for CV and Gate.
inputs: Direction,Reset, Pause, Clock


3U Eurorack module, 20HP wide, 31mm deep.
Current draw 50mA

0.215 kg
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