XAOC Devices - Nin


Small expander for the Zadar from XAOC Devices! The Nin gives you four additional CV-inputs as well as Manual Trigger buttons.



Nin is easily connected to the Zadar via the expansion header on the back of the modules.

Per channel A-D you get one additional CV-input, called ASGN2. Same as with ASGN on the Zadar, you can freely assign one (of ten available) parameters to these inputs. This is done via the ASGN menu on the Zadar, where you can also precisely edit the parameter range.

On the top of the Nin module you find four buttons that allow you to manually trigger the Zadar envelopes.

Four assignable control voltage inputs for Zadar channels

3U Eurorack module, 3HP wide, skiff friendly
passive module = no current draw

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