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The "Ostankino - 1966 Sequence Commander" is an expansion module for the Moskwa sequencer by XAOC- The module has been designed to control two Moskwas and to link them but you can connect also only one (but that´s the half of the fun). Individual step gate outputs, internal clock output and some other features make this expander very attractive.



Sequencer modes: both sequencers connected to the Ostankino can run independent or linked. If pressing the LINK button the first Moskwa (A) takes over the master function. The only functions you can access with the 2nd Moskwa (B) is the polarity switch, the slew control, the step buttons and the reset button. If the sequencers are linked the sums of CVs and gates are available at corresponding outputs; the CV/Gate outputs at the Moskwa are without function then. Is the button A is activated, only the first sequence is being played and analogue the 2nd sequence when B is active. If both, A and B are activated, the Ostankino will play a 16-step sequence. Those three mode can be controlled by CV (mode CV input). If the sequencers are not linked, you can pause the according sequencer with the A and B buttons.

Individual outputs for gate/trigger and clock: the internal clock of each moskwa will be output at the clock output(s). Per Moskwa there are eight trigger-/gate outputs available, one per step. Here you have two modes as well: either you need to activate the individual steps with the step buttons or they are always activated.

Step-CV: The steps can be addressed by a CV from 0-5V. This makes possible to start the sequence at any of the 8 (or 16) steps.

PS: For using the Moskwa with the Ostankino the Moskwa needs a new firmware. Two new chips are included with the Ostankino expander. The manual explains how to exchange the chips.


XAOC name their products after places and cities of the former Eastern Bloc. Ostankino is a TV tower in Moscow.


Mode-CV input. Sum outputs for the sums of the gates and the CVs. Per connected Moskwa there´s a clock output and eight gate outputs (each one per step).


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 38mm deep

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