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The Samara 1962 Ultility Waveform Processor is a multi-tool for audio signals and control voltages. It can be used as an attenuator, offset generator, mixer, inverter, waveshaper or a combination of the before mentioned components.



Samara has four channels with one normal and one inverted input. Attenuator potentiometers enable the user to adjust the levels of incoming signals. Unconnected inputs are normalized to 0V. Using the module’s buttons, channel one and three can be supplied with a stable +5 V voltage. This offset is added before attenuation, meaning it can be varied with the potentiometers as well. Two-colored LEDs show signal strength and polarity. Besides individual outputs, there are two sum connectors which emit mixes of channel one and two as well as three and four. In case no cable is plucked into the first of these sockets, the second one can be used to tap off a mix of all four channels. To prevent distortion, the Samara was equipped with -6 dB pad circuits and a soft clipping solution. These components are activated by jumpers on the back of the module. Furthermore, Samara offers a precision processor, which calculates minimal and maximal voltage values based on the signals of all four channels. The results are emitted at the Min and Max connectors. With combinations of several channels and functions, it is possible to create complex processes to edit audio signals as well as control voltages.


Normal and inverted input plus an output for each channel
Two sum outputs, min and max outputs


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases
Power consumption: 50 mA at +12 V and -20 mA at -12 V

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