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Zadar is an innovative quad envelope which can be utilized as a multi-track modulation sequencer, LFO or exciter for resonators as well. The module uses Vector models with up to 1000 segments to generate control voltages. The preset selection ranges from simple transients and classical envelope curves to complex shapes, such as those based on acoustic instruments, as well as rhythmic sequences, abstract fractals, pseudo-random functions and physical models. Each vector program can be flexibly edited and modulated.


Zadar features four envelope channels. Each modulator is equipped with a trigger input, a CV path and a signal output. Instead of common parameters such as attack and decay, Zadar uses complex vector models consisting of up to 1000 sub-segments to generate control voltage curves. More than 200 such programs are available. In addition to standards, there are all kinds of curiosities, including envelope simulations of acoustic instruments, smooth or stepwise progressions up to full-blown rhythms, noisy structures, physical models and much more. One envelope cycle can take between 0.08 milliseconds and 20 minutes.

Zadar is edited via four rotary encoders with push function and a button. The latter control element takes the user to a menu. An OLED display visualizes vector models and parameters. Another button allows you to switch between the four envelope channels. The encoders make it possible to select a vector model, stretch or compress it, reverse the playback direction and influence its shape and length. In addition, you have access to the output level. CV signals can be routed to any of the parameters mentioned above. This is done in the menu. Furthermore, you can activate a loop function with up to 99 repetitions or endless operation. Thus, you may transform the envelopes into LFOs or modulation sequencers. On top of that, several channels can be linked. Configurations are savable as presets.


Per envelope:
Trigger input
CV input
Envelope output


3 U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases

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