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An analog phase shifter module inspired by classic 1970s phasers but redesigned with modern components and optimized for synthesizers. It has four tunable stages and two fixed ones for which it has two individual outputs. An integrated LFO, two feedback modes, lots of resonance plus a charming, lush sound make it a very lovely effect module.
Unique is the possiblity to chain multiple Kamianiec units for forming a phaser with more notches and a exotic, dense sound.



In addition to the four tunealbe notches in the frequency band, the so-called phaser stages, Kamieniec offers optionally two more notches with fixed frequencies. At the two audio outputs both the four- and six-stage phaser variant are available, making for an unusual effect when used in stereo.

The phase shift amount is determined by the Freq potentiometer, a control voltage at the Ext Mod input as well as the integrated LFO. Latter features adjustable modulation depth and its rate (up to 700Hz) is both controllable both manually and with a CV. The triangle wave generated by the LFO is available for further use at the LFO output socket.

The Kamieniec module offers two fedback modes, Wasted and Stoned, affecting the sound of the resonance by using either four or all six stages in the feedback path. By default the feedback polarity is positive as it shows a stronger effect. Via a jumper you can set it to negative polarity.

Internal connections make possible to chain several Kamieniec units in order to achieve a more dense sound with more stages. In that case the pure phase-shifted signal is passed from unit to unit before being mixed to the original signal only in the final unit. It's noteworthy that only the audio path is chained, not the modulations i.e. with the number of chained modules the number of modulation possibilities increases, e.g. by several independent LFOs working simultaneously, providing for an extremely dense and living sound.


Kamieniec [pronounce: come-yen-yetz] is the name of a couple of towns and municipalities in Poland.


audio: input, 4-stage output, 6-stage output
CV inputs for frequency and LFO rate
LFO output


3U Eurorack module, 9HP wide, Skiff-compatible depth
current draw: each 40mA at +12V and -12V

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