ZVEX Modular - Fuzz Factory


Over the years people requested a product which behaves with synthesizers like the Fuzz Factory pedal with guitars. ZVEX reacted to it, presenting this rough Eurorack module which likewise does self-oscillate, encrotches severely on sound and distorts like hell because of its germanium transistors.



The module's behaviour is very much depending on the input level which is selected with a switch /-40dB. -20dB and 0dB) and also set with the input impedance parameter Ω. These settings show a strong reciprocal action with the other parameters. interaction is everything here!

The Fuzz Factory tends to self-oscillate, especially when the Stab parameter is turned down a little. Higher Fat values influence this effect as well.

All parameters, except the level switch, are voltage controllable, providing for a magnificent, non-static sound.


audio input, audio output
CV inputs for: Gate, Comp, Drive, Stab, Input Impedance Ω, Fatness and Dry/Wet mix.


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 26mm deep
current draw: 80mA at +12V and 40mA at -12V

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