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  1. Pittsburgh Modular - Synth Block--9-
    Sonicsmith - ConVertor+

    now €389.00

    instead €419.00

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  2. Vermona modular  VCDrive
    Genelec - 8010 AP

    now €225.00

    instead €225.00

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  3. Pittsburgh Modular - Synth Block--9-
    Sonicsmith - Squaver P1+

    now €649.48

    instead €729.00

    still available Buy

  4. Pittsburgh Modular - single wood panels
    4ms Modular Row angle connector 30°

    now €15.00

    instead €85.00

    still available Buy

new stuff

  1. Kenton Thru-25
    Kenton Thru-12
    The Thru-12 is a MIDI DIN splitter with one input and twelve outputs. – The ideal solutio...
  2. Make Noise Phonogene (v.372)--9-
    Make Noise Rene 2
    Rene 2 is a performance sequencer based on the Cartesian coordinate system. Thanks to its three...
  3. VERLEIHSYSTEM Schneidersladen Studio
    VERLEIHSYSTEM Schneidersladen Studio Edition
    Complete modular system with 19 modules of different manufacturers arranged by us especially fo...
  4. Erica Synths - Bass Drum (Oyster White)
    Erica Synths - Bass Drum (Oyster White)
    Limited edition with front panel in oyster white! Not just powerful – Erica’s Bass...

StromKult updates

  1. Live Performance and Workshop with Kitmun // September 20th @Schneidersladen

    Kitmun is a Berlin based duo exploring modular soundscapes, from ambient to techno and anything in between. They both play a eurorack modular synthesizer on stage and combine their live music with live visuals coming from a special video synthesizer in eurorack format. After the performance Kitmun will be talking about their set-up and you […]

  2. One more round on the carousel – MODULAR BEGINNER WORKSHOP

    Hello modular newbies! We’re holding another workshop for modular beginners in our beloved and once again rearranged SchneidersLaden. Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time and also meet likeminded people! Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical.  Along the way we will […]


  3. Bernhard Rasinger – Audiovisual Laser Performance // September 27th @SchneidersLaden

    Bernhard Rasinger is famous for is incredible live laser-shows. He presented his work all around the globe and pays Berlin a visit on September 27th to play a show at SchneidersLaden. He uses a special system that combines a modular synthesizer and state-of-the-art laser technology to create a luminously hypnotic audiovisual experience. Don’t miss this […]