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  1. Black Market Modular - Colour Palette
    Black Market Modular - Colour Palette

    now €249.00

    instead €299.00

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  2. KOMA Elektronik - Kommander--9-
    Black Market Modular - TWEET (Colour CV)

    now €25.00

    instead €39.00

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  3. Bastl Instruments - Tromsø
    Bastl Instruments - Tromsø

    now €110.00

    instead €130.00

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  4. Malekko  Richter Noise Ring--9-
    Malekko - Richter Noise Ring

    now €249.00

    instead €279.00

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new stuff

  1. Kenton Modular Solo  MIDI/CV interface
    Tubbutec - µTune
    Microtonal MIDI CV interface and more - µTune is a multifunctional tool for converting an...
  2. Niio Analog Iotine Core 2
    Niio Analog - Iotine Core 3
    Entirely analog, dynamic audio processor with three independent channels. Two feature each an H...
  3. VERLEIHSYSTEM Make Noise - Shared System SUPERBOOTH Edition
    VERLEIHSYSTEM Make Noise - Shared System SUPERBOOTH Edition
    Complete  modular system with 12 modules of Make Noise. SUPERBOOTH Edition in black/gold i...
  4. Bastl Instruments - Cinnamon
    Vintage Synth Lab - VCF-74 MK2
    Discreetly constructed diode filter with powerful vintage sound – The VCF-74 MK2 is based...

StromKult updates

  1. SEPT. 28th/6pm P.A.T.C.H.I.N.G.! – A Workshop with Thomas & Tobias on Microtonality and „other” Tunings

    Nerd-Alarm! just intonation vs. equal temperament frequency ratios,tuning tables …might be concepts you might have vaguely heard of. These are topics that are admittedly complex, but also at the very heart of how modular synths operate: they let you continuously browse through all shades of rhythm, timbre and …pitch! you are not restricted to good […]

    Der Beitr

  2. “Let’s go beyond the maximum!” Ken MacBeth and T.Raumschmiere

    It’s video time! Don’t miss this indescribable and beautiful contemporary document!   Here is what Herr Schneider has to say: “Ken Macbeth was visiting us to review the very first gig with his outstanding band FucketYbUcKetY on SUPERBOOTH17. In the audience there was also Marco Haas alias shitkatapult alias T.Raumschmiere who stated out sponaneously that he […]

    Der Beitr

  3. Do you really know what you are doing? Oscilloscope comparison!

    Using an oscilloscope is an excellent way to understand what happens to the signals in your modular system. The paths of the electrical current are as different as the modules used to process it. In complex patches, it can be confusing how and where your audio and control voltages take this special turnaround, or what […]