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  1. AJH Synth - MiniMod Glide/Noise
    AJH Synth - MiniMod Glide/Noise (silver)

    now €179.00

    instead €199.00

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  2. Toppobrillo Quantimator--9-
    Noise Engineering - Variatic Sequent

    now €139.00

    instead €168.00

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  3. Synthesis Technology - E950 Circuit Bent VCO
    Polaxis - Emy

    now €229.00

    instead €259.00

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  4. Doepfer A-111-2  High-End VCO 2
    Liivatera - Mono-MIDI

    now €159.00

    instead €195.00

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new stuff

  1. Malekko Varigate 4
    Dreadbox - Erebus V3
    Erebus. Part 3: Presented as a sequel to Erebus V2 the new Erebus V3 is more of a reboot. It is...
  2. Shakmat Modular - Knight's Gallop
    Shakmat Modular - Clock O’Pawn
    Practical and well thought out! Clock O'Pawn focuses on one thing and does it very well: clock ...
  3. Next Phase silver_1
    AJH Synth - Next Phase - SILVER
    The AJH Next Phase is the next generation 12 stage, analog multi tap phaser, which is a develop...
  4. Rossum Electro-Music - Evolution
    Rossum Electro-Music - Trident
    The Trident is an awesome sounding triple oscillator with a multitude of modulation possibiliti...

StromKult updates

  1. Modular Workshop and Performance with INSTANT

    Thursdays at SchneidersLaden are workshop and live music days – well, more nights than days… Anyways: We hope to see you again next week, for another workshop and performance night at SchneidersLaden! This time we are happy to have INSTANT as our guests! Hear some modular live music and learn how to play live on […]

  2. Workshop and Performance: Blush Response // February 21st // 7:30pm

    For the second workshop in our first workshop series in 2019 we invited an artist who is known for his uncompromising, hard sound. Blush Response is Joey Blush, Berlin Based Cuban-American artist and sound designer, who’s music is characterized by a modular synth heavy approach to sound design, combining rough, glitch-heavy beats with thick, distorted […]

  3. Workshop: Looking at Raster.Labor with Frank Bretschneider

    Raster.Labor is an installation project by Raster.Media. Premiered at the CTM Festival a couple of weeks ago we took the chance to bring this great project to SchneidersLaden and explore the ideas behind it with one of the creators – Frank Bretschneider. During the planning stages of the installations Frank discussed some different approaches for […]